aromahaven & rustic escentuals

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As many of you know, raw materials pricing has skyrocketed out of control in the last several months. I want to post to let you know how we are handling it.

We will NOT do a blanket, across-the-board price increase. That's just not reasonable or fair. Any increases will be done on specific products which incur increases from the manufacturer. We won't artificially inflate prices only to have frequent "sales."

So far, we have been able to absorb most of the price increases through diligent cost-saving actions. We recycle shipping boxes, we use newspaper and biodegradable peanuts for packing orders, we maximize employee payroll hours, we maximize warehouse space and bulk purchasing, and we try to always make informed purchasing decisions. If a product's price goes so high as to make it an unreasonable purchase option for you, we will go out-of-stock until the price lowers.

Today we will be raising the minimum purchase requirement from $12.00 to $15.00 on both sites - RusticEscentuals and

In addition to skyrocketing raw materials, shipping has also increased due to fuel costs & surcharges. Again, we are trying to purchase in larger bulk to make the most of transportation dollars. We can't control what a package costs to ship to you, but we can take as many measures as possible to save costs on our end which results in stable product pricing.

We are a true wholesale business and want to offer as many product options for you as possible. The current raw material and economic climates are making adding new products a little more difficult, but we will continue to search as we wait for the climates to stabilize. We refuse to compromise quality.

Look for a new Facebook page very soon - it's in the works! Melissa and I need a better way to communicate with everyone more frequently and are eager to be jumping into social networking.

Amy Coker Pascoe