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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Scent Event Sale

Thanks for making the SCENT EVENT sale such a great success! All orders have now been shipped.

If you missed the sale, make sure you're signed up for our newsletter to have sales directly delivered to your in-box:

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SCENT EVENT Sale Reminder

We are having fun fulfilling Scent Event orders! Many of you are trying a lot of fragrances - and we hope you enjoy them.

REMINDER: The Scent Event sale expires on Thursday at noon (Eastern). Get in your orders!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More new FO's have arrived

Please check the What's New page for all of the latest additions.

Japanese Pear & Ginseng
Pumpkin Creme Brulee
Spiced CranApple and Ginger
Apple Butter & Caramel
Apple & Pumpkin Strudel
Cedar, Sage & Blackberry
"Fresh" Lemon Sugar type
Lime Crystal Kisses
Rocky Mountain Memories
Sweet Pumpkin

We also sent out a SCENT EVENT newsletter with a sale announcement. Sale begins on Friday. Did you receive a newsletter? If not, please email me at I will forward a copy to you.....but please subscribe so you can receive future announcements. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation Notice

The warehouse will be closed from Friday, June 26th through Friday, July 3rd.

Online orders will still be accepted during this time and will be shipped upon reopening on July 6th.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New ValueLine Scents Are Available

We have been working to add more fragrance oils to our line. Today we've added four great ValueLine scents:

Strawberry & Kiwi Sorbet
Caribbean Guava & Fig
Almond Rum Cake
Cinnamon & Raisin Bread

Check out the updated ValueLine FO's! These oils continue to be competitively priced at $12.45 per pound with bulk discounts available. We are in the process of testing the new scents in soy wax.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Winter storm update

Power has been restored and we are caught up with shipping orders. Folks who have pending orders will soon be receiving them. Thank you for your patience!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Order status update

Due to a severe winter storm and loss of electricity, we are currently running 2 days behind on shipping orders. We hope to have full electricity at the warehouse within 2 days and have all orders shipped by no later than Friday. We appreciate your patience.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Product updates

We are still busy working to get in products that have been requested. Today we added more colors of lip balm tube caps: Beige, Tan, Yellow and Deep Orange. These will coordinate very well with lip balm flavors! Now you can finally have a perfect match for all of your vanilla flavored balms.

Another product has returned, but it's better than the original - Lip Balm Sweetener. It's also more concentrated and less expensive! This sweetener is made from Stevia suspended in organic Coconut Oil - it's an all-natural and vegan-friendly way to sweeten your lip balms and lip glosses. Pricing is $4.25 for a one-ounce bottle with discounts for larger bottles.

We are also now offering our Lip Balm Bases in smaller sizes - 4 oz. tubs. As we get them repackaged, the web sites will be updated. You can currently purchase the Soy, Natural (A) and Shea & Jojoba bases in the smaller 4-ounce size.

More coming soon! We are testing Lip Tints for coloring lip balm as well as a wide variety of new fragrance oils, bottle options and candle tins. Please let me know if you have specific product requests. You can contact me at 864-582-9335 or send an email to Thank you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Recycling: Don't let anyone tell you it's not worth it!

We are constantly looking for new ways to be "green" and improve our efficiencies in the office and warehouse. We are now exclusively using environmentally friendly cleaning products as well as buying recycled and environmentally friendly products such as packing peanuts, copy/printer paper, paper towels and assorted office & break room supplies. We recycle all of our FO drums and cans in addition to all paper generated in the office and boxes in the warehouse. Every can, drum, paper towel and piece of paper *does* make a difference! I have been shocked at how much actual trash we generate - it's very little because so much of it is now recycled instead of tossed. We have equipped the break room with recycle bins for plastic water bottles and soda cans as well as using biodegradable knives and forks.
Increased efficiency = savings for us that we pass on to our customers!

Don't let anyone ever tell you that recycling is a waste of time or that it takes just as much energy to recycle as it does to produce the raw materials. Even if recycling were just to reduce the amount of material in landfills and reduce the exploitation of natural resources recycling would be worth it, but the energy savings are also very real. Let's look at metals.

Look at the energy saved by recycling aluminum versus digging it out of the ground and refining it. It's no wonder recycled aluminum fetches such a high price per pound!

New metals made using recycled material / Energy Savings

Zinc --- 20% / 60%
Lead --- 74% / 60%
Steel --- 42% / 62%
Copper --- 32% / 85%
Aluminum --- 39% / 95%

There are also other environmental benefits. For example, using recycled steel to make new steel enables reductions such as:

86% in air pollution
40% in water use
76% in water pollution.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Products - You Asked, We Listened!

Yes, you asked and we listened. For a quite a while we have received repeated requests for colored caps for lip balm tubes. We now have a rainbow available! You can find the colored caps (along with capless White and Natural lip balm tubes) on AromaHaven/Rustic Escentuals and LipBalmTubes sites. These colorful caps will fit our 0.15 ounce White and Natural lip balm tubes. Tubes and caps are sold separately unless you are purchasing a tube set. Colored caps are made of polypropylene and are a Recycle Code number 5. Get creative and coordinate your lip balm flavors with complementary caps!

Available colors:

Cobalt Blue
Fruity Green
Hunter Green
Light Blue
Light Pink
Yellow Gold

Also NEW -- filling trays for Oval lip balm tubes.

New ValueLine Scent added: Pine Forest

More new products coming soon! Please call or email us if there is something you would like to see added to the web sites.