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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yes - It's That Easy!

We recently had our products reviewed by a customer who wanted to make party favors for her child's birthday. It turn out so well! Read about it here. (She also has wonderful photography skills!)

It got us thinking - learning how to make your own lip balm is easy. And inexpensive. With inflation making small gifts no longer affordable, it's time to think outside of the box. Year 'round we need party favors, hand-outs and little gifts. But it's also time to begin thinking about hand-outs, favors and gifts for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, Christmas! Those stocking stuffers can add up quickly.

You can make a tube of lip balm for less than $.50, but a tube of lip balm retails anywhere from $3.00 to $7.00 and up. Further utilize your creative skills by matching flavor oils with color coordinated lip balm tube caps and custom make the tube's labels with your own computer & printer. You'll be the hit of the season or party for being so creative and thoughtful! We've also had customers make custom lip balms for wedding favors.

We carry a variety of wholesale lip balm bases made with luxury oils and natural waxes. They're creamy, smooth, light and leave no sticky feeling on your lips. The bases are versatile and suitable for use in lip balm tubes, lip balm tins, small pots and cosmetic containers.

You can't go wrong with your custom ideas. Make lip balm for the young and young at heart - we have everything from Dill Pickle lip balm flavor oil to Grand Marnier & Apricot. All of our lip balm flavoring oils are vegan friendly.

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