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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Product shortage notification


Eugenol is a liquid extracted from certain essential oils, especially clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, basil and bay leaf. This extract can sometimes be a common raw ingredient in the manufacture of fragrance oils. Most all of the major fragrance oil manufacturers are having a huge issue with obtaining Eugenol right now. The entire clove leaf/Eugenol crop essentially never happened due to the complete lack of the necessary "dry season" in Indonesia. Most manufacturers are unable to obtain Eugenol from their suppliers - if they *are* able to procure a limited supply, prices are up at least 400%. The current situation is dire, manufacturers are helpless in obtaining Eugenol and new crops are not expected until spring/summer 2011.

The Eugenol shortage has started affecting our ability to obtain a few fragrance oils. These oils are low in stock and we anticipate not being able to purchase more until next summer:

Madagascar Spice

Pumpkin Bread

We will continue to update as we get in reports from our manufacturers. We will also continue to update on any shortages of fragrance oils that we will not be able to restock until the Eugenol crisis passes. Please order what you need now - we will process orders in the order received until current stock is exhausted. Thank you.