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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Product updates

We are still busy working to get in products that have been requested. Today we added more colors of lip balm tube caps: Beige, Tan, Yellow and Deep Orange. These will coordinate very well with lip balm flavors! Now you can finally have a perfect match for all of your vanilla flavored balms.

Another product has returned, but it's better than the original - Lip Balm Sweetener. It's also more concentrated and less expensive! This sweetener is made from Stevia suspended in organic Coconut Oil - it's an all-natural and vegan-friendly way to sweeten your lip balms and lip glosses. Pricing is $4.25 for a one-ounce bottle with discounts for larger bottles.

We are also now offering our Lip Balm Bases in smaller sizes - 4 oz. tubs. As we get them repackaged, the web sites will be updated. You can currently purchase the Soy, Natural (A) and Shea & Jojoba bases in the smaller 4-ounce size.

More coming soon! We are testing Lip Tints for coloring lip balm as well as a wide variety of new fragrance oils, bottle options and candle tins. Please let me know if you have specific product requests. You can contact me at 864-582-9335 or send an email to Thank you!